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In 2018, the March 24 student demonstration in DC, March for Our Lives, inspired our Middle School students to join the protest. In the national headlines: Facebook came under more scrutiny with another data breach, a soccer team was rescued from a cave in Thailand, and a lake was discovered on Mars. Leaders on the national stage came and went, and politics in the US were far from usual.

Brain research hit high in education news, and strategies to counter the challenges that black boys face in schools continued to be a topic of urgent discussion.

Here are our most popular posts from the year—thanks to all who wrote, read, shared, and commented on them!

The Top 10

  1. Hiring for Cultural Competency in Schools—Michelle Belton and Jason Novak share the intentional practices put in place by Lowell to attract diverse candidates and assess cultural competency in the hiring process.
  2. Building Bridges with Books: Immigration Stories to Share with Children—These books for children preschool–grade 8 highlight a variety of immigration experiences and multiple viewpoints. The stories in this booklist from Librarians Melissa Hill and Christine McDaniels provide the human dimension to current political debates.
  3. An Integrated Approach to Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning in Middle School—Tara Sarathy investigates the research and finds that cultivating social-emotional skills at school enhances academic learning.
  4. Middle School does not have to be the most stressful time in a person’s life.—Middle School Director Kavan Yee shares best practices and advice for supporting tweens as they develop resilience and all-important self-help skills.
  5. Books for Young Children about Identity, Social Justice, and Activism—Kindergarten–2nd grade teachers from Lowell share books that they use to help talk to children about who they are and what they can do for their communities. 
  6. Dos and Don’ts of Parent Interviews—Admissions Director Liz Yee lets parents in on the secrets of acing private school interviews.
  7. Urban Naturalist: Finding Wilderness in DC’s Urban Landscape—Outdoor Science Teacher Lucas Kelly offers a list of outings that will get you and your family just a little bit closer to the wilds of the DMV.
  8. Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Mathematical Thinking—Math isn't only about sitting down at the kitchen table and doing worksheets! Check out these engaging, everyday math activities from Math Specialist Jessica Tomback.
  9. Help Your Preschooler Develop Conflict Resolution Skills—Tara Sarathy shares what she has learned from Lowell teachers about empowering young children to care for themselves and others.
  10. Exploring Nature’s Micro-World with KidsAll you need is a magnifying glass! Lucas Kelly is back with all the ways families can learn about nature simply by looking closely at their surroundings. 

Bonus Post

The New Culture of Friendship in the Digital Age—Academic Technologist Sam Moser discusses what friendship looks like to tweens and teens and offers adults some advice for guiding them through the ups and downs.

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