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2019 was the year of the longest government shutdown in US history, the year that Trump was impeached, and the year that torrential downpours flooded metro stations and cars were lifted off the streets. Both the Mystics and the Nationals won national championships. Representative Elijah Cummings (MD-D) passed away. Greta Thunberg led climate strikes throughout the world, and Lowell students joined her in DC.

Lowell continued to educate children 2 1/2-years-old through 8th grade. We hosted Chris Mosier—triathlete, six-time Team USA member, and transgender athlete and advocate. We said goodbye to Debbie Gibbs, head of school 2007-2019, and we hired Lowell's fifth head of school, Donna S. Lindner.

Meanwhile, our SchoolTalk blog offered more than 20 new posts from faculty and staff offering tips and advice to help you guide the children in your life. Here are the most popular posts of 2019. Thanks to everyone who wrote, read, and shared posts this year!

The Top Ten

  1. Black Boys in Literature Booklist by Tasha Jackson Jones and Kathie Clements
    Tried and tested, these books fit criteria determined by teachers committed to supporting black boys through literature and reading.
  2. Establishing Routines that Work for Young Readers by Jamie Weng
    Music lessons, sports, and homework are scheduled. Friends and video games are calling. When does reading fit in? Lowell's reading specialist offers realistic steps you can take to encourage your children to pick up a book—even when their attention is pulled in many directions.
  3. Prepping for a High School Interview by Liz Yee
    The high school interview might seem daunting for your 8th grader, but it is also a great opportunity for your child to learn how to prepare, work through the nerves, and put their best foot forward. 
  4. What Universal Design for Learning Looks Like: A Teacher's Perspective by Ann Neary
    Removing barriers and creating alternative pathways in the classroom speak to the "brainforest of neurodiversity."
  5. Books Featuring Gender Non-Conforming and Transgender Children by Melissa Hill
    "Children’s literature can reflect and reinforce traditional gender expectations, but it can also interrogate stereotypes and open up new, empowering possibilities."
  6. Outdoor Activities for All Types of Weather by Lucas Kelly
    If you prepare well, there's no need to worry about rain, wind, blazing sun, or freezing temperatures. Less than ideal conditions offer novel opportunities for exploration. Go on, get outside!
  7. How Can I Help My Child Repair a Friendship? by Aline
    The rollercoaster of friendship isn't always thrilling. Sometimes things heat up or cool off. Here are a few tips from our school counselor to help you help your child through the ups and downs.
  8. Keeping a Love of Reading Alive by Melissa Hill
    Tips from our middle school librarian on how to keep your tween or teen interested in reading— not just now, but throughout their lives.
  9. Video Games and Esports in Schools by Sam Moser
    The esports phenomenon has come to middle schools. Our academic technologist gives you the scoop.
  10. Benefits of Outdoor Education in the Digital Age by Lucas Kelly
    Computers open up new possibilities in the classroom, and it is hard for all of us to pull ourselves away from our devices. The key is to balance screen time with time in nature. Make an intentional commitment this year to explore the wonders of the natural world!

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