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Posted by Lowell School on 12/31/16 12:02 PM

2016_top_ten_blogs.jpg2016 was one for the record books, and Lowell's School Talk blog tackled topics large and small and everything in between—from "How to Talk to Your Kids About the Election" to "Action Steps to Address Math Anxiety" and "How to Create a Play Space that will Build Your Preschooler's Independence."

We added several new bloggers this year, including Matt Frattali, Charles Gibbs, Jason Novak, Stefania Rubino, Sarah Spencer, Natalie Stapert, Jamie Weng, Todd and Carol Wilson, and Kavan Yee. Growing our team allowed us to expand the expertise represented in our posts, and respond to world events and parent needs more nimbly. 

Below are our top 10 posts:

Thank you to all our readers and subscribers for commenting, sharing, and inspiring us. We are looking forward to more conversations in 2017!

  1. How to Navigate the Private School Application Process by Liz Yee

  2. How to Talk to Your Child about the Election by Debbie Gibbs

  3. Strengthening Our Communities Post-Election: An Open Letter by Kavan Yee

  4. How to Really Listen to Your Child by Debbie Gibbs

  5. Choosing an Elementary School for Your Child by Debbie Gibbs

  6. Keeping the Indoor Blues Away on a Snow Day by Carol and Todd Wilson

  7. Some Thoughts for Talking With Your Children About Religion by Rev. Canon Charles P. Gibbs

  8. STEM Books for Kids: Preschool–Middle School by Lowell School Librarians

  9. Honoring Excellence in Teaching via the Rainbow Flag by Jason Novak

  10. What Does Rigor Look Like in a Progressive School? by Debbie Gibbs

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