100 Things To Do With Your Child During a Pandemic: Week Ten

Posted by Jamie Lee and Liz Yee on 5/28/20 11:14 AM

What week is it? Where are we? Are we done yet? Where are the kids? Have I finished any work today?

Maybe, just maybe, we can crank out a few more hours of work or homeschooling. We could even start preparing dinner or get the laundry started. Or maybe not. We have given it our best try—holding it together for the kids for weeks, but we are starting to crack. It’s in these moments that getting in a quick activity gives us a chance to reset. We are here for you with a quick list of activities at the ready!

  1. Lay out a big roll of butcher paper to color on (or hang it on the wall)—the drawings could be endless. No butcher paper? Cardboard boxes from all those deliveries or paper shopping bags will do the trick.
  2. Learn how to draw with step-by-step lessons with renowned author, Mo Willems. Subscribe to his channel for Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems!
  3. Create your own marbleized paper. You won’t need too many things—there’s shaving cream, food coloring, toothpicks, and...paper! Your kids can watch this video to learn how. Use the paper you create to send notes to family and friends.
  4. Make some brightly colored play-doh with your child; then play together!
  5. Beads! There are so many projects you can do with beads. Here’s a site with seven craft projects. Perler beads are another option.
  6. Set up a puzzle station in the house!
  7. Played all the games in the house already? Create your own board games.
  8. The kids can’t play contact or group sports together, but you can play as a family! Get outside and play hide-and-seek, kick the soccer ball around, throw the frisbee, or set up the badminton net.
  9. Young children love to stack things and watch them fall. Did you know that stacking and building games are great learning opportunities for children? Clear a large space and go at it together!
  10. Start a gratitude routine with your family. Take time out of every day to share what you are grateful for. Read more about the science behind gratitude. In these trying times, it is important to focus on some good—it’s one way to reduce stress. Here are some questions you can ask your kids to help them explore what they are grateful for.

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