100 Things To Do With the Kids During the Pandemic: Week One

Posted by Jamie Lee and Liz Yee on 3/29/20 11:29 AM

It’s official. We are confined to our homes with our children. With no clear end in sight, it's overwhelming to think about how to keep our children engaged, active, and healthy. On a regular day we might head to the bounce house or go bowling. With limitations in place around public spaces, we have fewer options for how to keep the littles entertained and maintain our sanity at the same time.

We asked our friends, colleagues, staff, and teachers to share their best activities to do with children and the response was overwhelming—it’s a creative bunch! We’ve collected the top 100 ideas and will be sharing 10 of them every week. We suggest starting at the top and working your way down. Think about how many neat memories you’ll be making along the way.

And these are easy ideas—just in case you’re panicking. It’s important that we minimize our families' stress. It takes a village, friends, let's take care of each other.

Activities 1-10 of 100

  1. Head outside for a natural objects collection walk. Bring the found objects home and make collection jars, collages, sculptures, etc. Enjoy these tips to get you started.
  2. Make a birdfeeder. Collect pinecones and cover with sunbutter and birdseed. Hang up outside. Then, watch and record the types of birds that come to the feeder.
  3. Dance party. Put on your family’s favorite tunes, add some glow sticks and a fun outfit. Make it a tradition: Have the party every week with a different theme.
  4. Bathtub bonanza. Set up a soak with whatever bath bombs, shaving cream, washable paint and toys you can find. 
  5. Early spring gardening/yard clean up. Read more about urban gardening with kids
  6. Cooking and baking. Try something new every day—even simple recipes and snacks will do. (Work on measuring, pouring, stirring, cleaning up skills, too!)
  7. Spring clean the house, garage, closets, etc. As usually happens, your kids will probably find a renewed interest in old toys!
  8. Set up an obstacle course in the backyard with broomsticks, old chairs, step stools, whatever you can find.
  9. Create uplifting chalk messages and drawings on the sidewalk or driveway.
  10. Work out as a family. Everyone needs exercise—make it a family affair.

Check back for more activities every week!

Week Two Activities

Week Three Activities


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