100 Activities to Do With Your Child During a Pandemic: Week Six

Posted by Jamie Lee and Liz Yee on 4/29/20 9:58 PM

In our fast paced, instant gratification world, this new slow reality can be rough on the kids. Getting outside in nature is a great remedy. Some vitamin D, fresh air, and some socially-distanced socializing might do the trick this week.

  1. You can turn a walk an adventure with a few of these walking games.
  2. Set up a Zoom meeting and play games—charades, Pictionary, or Guilty as Charged work well. The online game site, Pogo, makes it possible for kids to play well-known board games (think Monopoly and Scrabble) together. Or, go to the App Store or Play Store and find your favorites.
  3. Set up a virtual play date with a friend around a planned activity. Kids could draw each other or write a story together. Maybe a fashion show is more your child’s speed or singing favorite songs together.
  4. Spend some time appreciating nature. Here are Six Journaling Ideas to Spark Your Child’s Interest in Nature.
  5. Introduce your kids to some oldies but goodies! Get back to the basics with these classic outdoor games—jump rope, hopscotch, TV tag, and so many more!
  6. Your child’s grandparents or elderly neighbors would love to connect with your child virtually. Maybe your child could share a piece they are practicing on the piano, a song, a magic trick, or a few jokes.
  7. Turn the tables and put the grandparents on the spot with an interview! Here are thirty questions the kids can ask to get the conversation going.
  8. Tell stories. There are all kinds of ways to tell group stories with participants of all ages. Even young children can join in creating a Folded Story or playing Suddenly. Here are some more ideas for younger children and some storytelling challenges for tweens and teens. Set the mood by turning down the lights and lighting some candles or heading out to the fire pit with some popcorn.
  9. Host a virtual dance lesson or dance party! Set up Zoom or Facetime and invite some of your child’s friends. All that’s left to do is crank up the tunes! Older siblings might have fun creating the playlist, playing DJ, or showing younger siblings a few dance moves.
  10. Do you live in the city and feel far away from nature? Here are some ideas from National Geographic for Finding Urban Nature.

More ideas coming next week!

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