100 Activities To Do With Your Child During A Pandemic: Week Four

Posted by Jamie Lee and Liz Yee on 4/15/20 7:01 PM

No matter what happens moving forward, life as we know it has shifted a bit. The universe is telling us to slow down, and we have no choice but to listen. So many families have had interesting conversations around the fire pit or the kitchen tables and sharing long walks and bike rides. Some have been savoring this slow pace. For others, it’s difficult to adjust and hard to imagine making it through all this.

Looking for more self-care ideas? Want to get the kids outside a bit more to soak up the natural world? Ready to dig in on some more academic work? Wherever you are in your journey, we’ve got you. Let’s do this!

Keep the Fun Going With These 10 New Ideas

  1. Practice yoga as a family. Haven’t tried yoga yet? Not to worry. Try this free Family Yoga Class to get you started.
  2. Head outside for some science-based all-weather activities from Outdoor Science Teacher Lucas Kelly.
  3. Worried that your child has had too much screen time? Look for makerspace ideas that don’t use technology. Or try these STEM activities that don’t require a digital device from Academic Technologist Sam Moser.
  4. Scavenger hunts are great fun for kids. There are many different kinds of themed scavenger hunts to try with your kids—you could have a different hunt every day of the month! After the kids have experienced a few, you can have them create their own for each other.
  5. Have everyone in the family learn a new skill—like sewing, taking care of a seedling, doing laundry, folding origami, riding a bike or ripstick, making pancakes, or whistling.
  6. Create a boardgame tournament day. Here’s how to set up a bracket. And check out this comprehensive list of games to get the ideas rolling.
  7. You can play games and reinforce all kinds of skills at the same time. Play “I Spy” with your child, but instead of naming a color, say, “I spy something that rhymes with _____.” Or play with alliteration: ask your child to think of words to describe the objects they see. Tell your child the word used has to start with the same sound as the word they are describing. Examples: “bouncy ball”, “silly sofa.” This activity can be extended by seeing who can use the most words beginning with the same sound in a sentence. Example: “Sarah’s stinky socks smell sour.”
  8. Try these simple card games that support early math skills.
  9. The weather is getting warmer. Remember what fun it was to get out the hose and wash the car? Your kids will love it too. Don’t have a car to wash? Give the dog a bath and a brush!
  10. Don’t have the bandwidth for anything other than the simplest of activities? Pull out the coloring books. They even have adult coloring books now—a great way to alleviate stress and an alternative to meditation. If you don’t have any and don’t want to wait for a book to arrive in the mail, you can download and print coloring book pages from the internet. So turn on some music, pull out the crayons or colored pencils, and go!

More ideas coming next week!

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