100 Activities To Do With Your Child During a Pandemic: Week Eight

Posted by Jamie Lee and Liz Yee on 5/14/20 7:42 AM

We know. You’re starting to lose it. The weeks are piling on top of each other. They are passing by so slowly, and then it’s Friday again. How is time so slow and fast all at the same time? It’s Groundhog Day every day.

In our homes, we are aiming to have one fun activity a few days a week. It doesn’t have to be an extravagantly orchestrated activity, just something to shift the energy and mix the day up a bit. We also want to use this time to make a few memories along the way.

Our kids will remember some of the hard times during COVID-19, but they will also remember the way that they felt in quarantine. Adding something enjoyable into your daily routines together will help ensure they have some positive memories. Scan the ideas below and add something fun into the day today.

This Week's Installment of Activities

  1. Learn a new skill. YouTube is great for step-by-step instructional videos. You can learn almost anything on YouTube—how to whistle, do a cartwheel, tie a tie, juggle, or make balloon animals. Set aside a time for everyone in the family to share what they learned!
  2. Co-write a short story with your child and illustrate it. Or how about a book of jokes? A short family history? A collection of sports trivia about your favorite team? Use your child’s interests as a guide.
  3. How about an old classic? These latch hook kits are fun and easy to learn. Kits come with everything you need. Make a cozy rug, door decoration, and much more! Check out this kid-narrated how-to video on YouTube.
  4. Sort through everyone’s clothes to see what still fits and what needs to be discarded. Have a funky fashion show with the items that are no longer needed and then pack them up for donation. Record a video of the fashion show and save it for posterity!
  5. Play “Hot and Cold.” Hide an object in the house and give “hot” and “cold” clues when the kids get closer to or farther away from the object. Take turns hiding the object and giving clues.
  6. Design some beautiful bookmarks and send them to your friends and family. We love using magic rainbow paper.
  7. Find all of the cardboard boxes, tape, and markers you have in the house. And go! Or stick with just one thing—boxes or tape. You might be surprised by the number of things that can be done with boxes or a roll or two of tape!
  8. Join others across the country in creating beautiful abstract sidewalk chalk murals.
  9. Challenge your child to make a boat that will float in your sink or tub.
  10. Inspire children of all ages with projects based on the work of contemporary artists.

More ideas coming next week!

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