100 Activities To Do With the Kids During the Pandemic: Week Three

Posted by Jamie Lee and Liz Yee on 4/8/20 7:04 PM

It’s week three of remote learning, and the kids are starting to get pretty creative! They are seeing their world in a new light and rolling with it a bit more. Kudos to you for getting to that point. It’s still hard, but they are adjusting and realizing that they have the resiliency and can dig deep to ride out this new world. Just think about the skills they are developing for dealing with setbacks, disappointments, and change. And we adults are digging deep, too. Managing everything isn’t getting easier…yet.

If you are where we are, you’re probably looking for some more ideas to keep the family happy. Look no further—we have a whole new batch of ideas ready to go.

10 More Ideas for Family Fun

  1. Bring the outdoors in. Recreate outdoor activities inside. Set up a tent and go “camping” in the living room (play audio of crickets and rain drops) or make a window garden with herbs. Make lunch or dinner a picnic on a blanket.
  2. Check on elderly neighbors who may need grocery runs or call a grandparent.
  3. Chores! Now’s the time to teach the kids how to empty the dishwasher, dust, and learn how to fold their own laundry. Even young children can understand that we are in an unusual time and everyone needs to pitch in to make things work.
  4. Rainy day? Go out for a water hike. Gear up in rain jackets and boots and find all of the puddles. Put a stick or leaf in the gutter and track it down the street. Follow a creek to its source. 
  5. Charades—an oldie but goodie for all ages! 
  6. Do a neighborhood game or puzzle swap—someone’s old game might be your family’s new favorite.
  7. Keep a journal of this unusual time off from school. This is something the whole family can do. (It will be an interesting artifact to have 20+ years from now!)
  8. Play “Vocabulary Hot Potato”—The person starting with the “potato” will call out a word, passing the “potato” while music plays. The person holding the potato when the music stops must give a definition and use the word in a sentence.
  9. Try out some creative math activities to keep skills sharp.
  10. April is National Poetry month—start exploring some poetry with kids.


More ideas coming next week!

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