Teaching Students to Be Responsible Citizens in a Democracy

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ADHD Current Research and Perspectives

As educators and parents, we have likely come across many publications, newspaper articles, tv shows, and books about Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a topic often explored by the ...

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The Transformative Power of Summer Camp

As the last of the unpredictable wintry blasts rolls out of our area, we seem to take a collective sigh of relief: ahhhh, SPRING! The blossoming and growth over the next several weeks is exciting and ...

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Building Information Literacy Skills in the Era of Fake News

Back in the day when news outlets were limited to television, radio, and print journalism, it was possible to dismiss fake news as the stuff of celebrity tabloids in the grocery store checkout aisle ...

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Into the Great Outdoors

Coming to Lowell as a new science teacher with a background in environmental science and outdoor education has filled me with excitement. When I walk along Kalmia Creek during recess, I see students ...

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